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Market thinking

Measuring the effect of ¬ diversification into foreign credit

The challenges for investors from the insurance sector are clear, but the solutions sometimes less so.

Market thinking

The “great acceleration” intensifies pressure on insurers

While the world is recovering from 2020’s massive shock, it accentuated the challenges facing insurers.

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Chine : en route vers le « Net-Zero »

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Market thinking

Why agility is key to navigating China’s equity market

Investing in emerging market assets brings with it various distinctive risks. When it comes to China, the country’s scale and political system give investors perhaps more issues to weigh up than almo ...

Market thinking

Investing in 2021: Reason to be cheerful - and fearful

The news flow since the start of the year has arguably not given us many reasons to be cheerful.

Market thinking

What investors should expect in 2021: The key areas shaping markets

Most of us are understandably looking forward to seeing 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

Market thinking

Where can investors potentially seek income in today’s low yielding environment?

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty no matter what your investment objective.

Market thinking
5 minute read

Quelles sont les tendances dans le secteur de l'immobilier côté ?

En 2020, les foncières cotées entrent dans une vague de transformation. Cette thématique, déjà active depuis plusieurs années, s’est accélérée avec la Covid-19.

Market thinking

COVID-19: Why 2020 is not 2008 – the fund manager view

As we consider how the world will recover from COVID-19, it is vital that we remain aware of how this crisis is very different in nature to the market shock of 2008/2009 and understand how this will ...