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The west is (trying to be) back

The conclusions of the G7 summit, albeit not immediately actionable, can be read as a “West is back” manifesto.

Vues d’Iggo
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Central bankers think inflation has undershot medium term targets in recent years.

Investissement Responsable
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Intégration des critères ESG au sein de la gestion actions d’AXA IM : plus qu’une nécessité, une opportunité

Nous pensons que l’investissement responsable génère un impact positif sur la société. Ainsi, les facteurs ESG sont déterminants pour les performances à venir. L’empreinte environnementale d’une entr ...

Analyses et stratégies d’investissement
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Tourism: How Asia and other emerging markets could bounce back

The pandemic has given many countries a long path to recovery

Multi Asset
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Vues d’allocations d’actifs, Juin 2021 - Certains l’aiment-ils chaud ?

Opinion positive sur les actions – Le déploiement du vaccin devrait continuer de soutenir le sentiment du marché. Fortes révisions à la hausse des bénéfices. La hausse des rendements obligatai ...

Analyses et stratégies d’investissement
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Central bank digital currencies, reserve currencies and geopolitics

When it comes to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the focus of market participants and regulators – especially in the banking industry - is mainly associated with their disruptive natu ...

Investissement responsable

What does Responsible Investment mean in practice?

Responsible investing refers to strategies and practices that incorporate ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership.

Rosenberg equities
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Value returns: Bringing the “multi” back to multi-factor

Long-suffering factor investors may only be willing to whisper it, but the data say it loud and clear: value is back.

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Still no smoking gun

More signals of supply-side tension in the US have emerged with the release of the labor market data for May. We focus on the strong rebound in the relative pay of low-skilled workers in the hospital ...